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'The Other Woman' Review By Julian Roman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or in the case of The Other Woman, two angry mistresses and a wife. Cameron Diaz stars as Carly, a cosmopolitan New York lawyer and lifelong single gal, who believes she may finally have found romance. Mark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from HBO's Game of Thrones, seems to be the perfect guy. He's devilishly handsome, charming, wealthy, and of course, married. Carly discovers his deception when she awkwardly surprises him at his house and meets his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann). The pair strike up an unlikely bond and while comparing notes, drum roll please, find another mistress, the young and voluptuous Amber (Kate Upton). It's full on girl power as they band together to teach Mark a well deserved lesson.

The Other Woman has its comedic moments, but is a rather silly film. The premise would work if it was skillfully played out. That is definitely not the case here. I'm not sure if it's a poor script from writer Melissa Stack or bad direction from Nick Cassavetes. The Other Woman brings up quite a few plot points that are never followed up. They simply disappear. This wouldn't be so glaring if they weren't so obvious. Case in point, they put hair remover in his shampoo. Initially we see him losing clumps of hair, but as the film progresses, he never gets any thinner or bald up top. In fact, he's got quite a coiffure at the conclusion. It really makes no sense at all, so one has to assume the filmmakers didn't think consistency was important here.

Leslie Mann is the saving grace of the film. Her antics, from breaking down completely to spying on her husband, are fairly humorous. She's really the only believable character in the entire film. She also works well with Diaz's Carly, making her character a bit more likeable. The major flaw is how duped she is by her husband's philandering and scamming. A character can be gullible and trusting, but she'd have to be blind, mute, and deaf to not recognize something was amiss in her marriage.

The Other Woman isn't unwatchable, but I doubt anyone but the target audience will be really entertained. Women, or anyone who's been cheated on, will enjoy a spectacularly sc*mmy character get his comeuppance. The cheesy, let's be friends and female bonding theme wears out very quickly. I always get a big laugh when films are shot in ethnically diverse New York City and show almost no people of color. Then broke into hysterics when the setting changes to the Bahamas and there's still no black characters. I'll chalk up The Other Woman to light stupidity and white washing in the vein of a Friends-like sitcom.
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